Firstly with the introduction of Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs) to the legislation in October 2014. There is a requirement that the appropriate signage to enforce these new laws.

Secondly councils play a major role. Their role is making local areas a safe place to work and visit. But most importantly a safe place to live. Above all tackling anti-social behaviour is a high priority. To many local authorities and their respective partner organisations.

Normanton Screenprint have been supplying signs to councils throughout the country since 1976. We specialise in signs relating to crime reduction.

Thirdly PSPO signs are issued for up to 3 years. However when the 3 years are up the signs can be extended if necessary.

NSP (Normanton Screenprint) is a specialist supplier of PSPO and local authority signs. For example NSP assist many local authorities. We assist them in fulfilling their signage requirements when implementing PSPO signs.

Most importantly at Normanton Screenprint we supply, high quality, durable PSPO signs and local authority signage. For instance we supply PSPO and local authority signs in any size or quantity with a choice of materials and sizes and fixing options. Above all signs can be supplied with a laminated finish or with anti-graffiti coatings.

PSPO signs can be used in the following categories:

• Anti Social Behaviour
• Alcohol (e.g. alcohol consumption control zone)
• Dogs (e.g. responsible dog ownership)
• Public Nuisance
• Alleyways and Rights of way

Key Features of Normanton Screenprint:

• All our PSPO and local authority signs are manufactured to your specification in a range of materials to suit your budget.
• We deliver nationwide.
• If you require help with your design then our in-house design team are here for you.
• You can speak to Kevin Rogers who heads up the printing business and any member of the team.
• Over 40 years of expertise.
• We are trusted to supply print and signage to the police as well as local authorities and public sector organisations and community groups.

In conclusion if you require a quote or are not sure what you need please call us and speak to Kevin or a member of our design team on 0115 973 3323. But you can email us your enquiry at Likewise you can complete the contact from at

Crime Reduction Signs