Dog Fouling signs

Firstly dog fouling is one of those nuisances we all know about. Secondly dog fouling is not only unsightly, but it is also a health hazard and affects the environment dramatically. This is where Dog Fouling signs can help.

Visible Dog Fouling signs not only help local authorities enforce local government legislation, but they also act as a strong visual deterrent, helping to protect neighbourhoods and communities. 

Moreover Dog Fouling and Dog Control signs are now used in most parks or public areas. These areas include footpaths across farmland to make responsible dog owners aware that they should clean up after their dog. 

Dog Control signs

Why are Dog Fouling Signs and Dog Control signs used?

Owners also need to control their dogs’ behaviour. In the countryside it is neccessary  to display dog control signs to remind owners to control dogs on farmland and around livestock such as sheep.

Dog Exclusion signs can be used in play areas and on beaches where dogs are prohibited.

If people don’t clean up after their dog, then fines can be enforced. Moreover these fines can vary from an £80 ‘on the spot’ fine and a higher amount of up to £1000. However this is only if the owner refuses to pay the initial fine.

If anyone sees dog fouling taking place then they can report it to their local council. 

In conclusion NSP are a leading supplier of signage and stickers relating to Dog Fouling and Dog Control issues.

Our full-colour, laminated dog fouling signs and vinyl stickers are very popular and very durable. They are designed to withstand all kinds of weather, and they can be applied to lamp posts or any other location where your Dog Fouling message needs to be enforced. 

Custom made to your specification

Feather flags are ideally suited for use on beaches to enforce Dog Exclusion areas.

In short, if you require statutory signage to enforce your Dog Control / PSPO legislation then look no further. 

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