Construction and Fixings introduction

In this paragraph we will explain the range of various materials and fixings used in the production of our signs. Our materials are selected to suit the application and the budget. 

Below you will find a selection of some of the construction materials and fixings. 


Correx Boards

Firstly (Fluted Plastic) is a lightweight, low cost material. for instance it provides a very cost-effective solution if you require temporary signage or have a limited budget. However it should be mentioned that they are available in various thicknesses. 4mm is standard but 6mm provides a very rigid sign. Correx can be drilled to enable the signs to be attached to posts/fences with cable ties (zip ties). These board are suitable for outdoor use.

Foamex Signs

Secondly (Foamed PVC) is widely used for Neighbourhood Watch signs. For instance many other signs need to be durable, yet still provide a cost-effective solution. These are made from solid plastic and suitable for outdoor use.

Holes can be drilled for cable-ties, or alternatively brackets can be riveted to the back of the signs for a more concealed fixing. Channel can also be bonded onto the Foamex if you require a more robust fixing, and supplied with either one-piece clips or screwbanding.


Thirdly (Aluminium Composite) is now widely used instead of solid aluminium as it has no scrap value, consequently being of little interest to metal thieves! 

Dibond has a ‘skin’ of aluminium on either side that is bonded onto a dense plastic core. Likewise making it very durable and suited to long term outdoor exposure. Channel can be riveted to the back of the signs. In addition alternatively the cable-tie brackets can be riveted on. Dibond signs come with radiused corners as standard.

Aluminium or Steel signs can also be supplied as well as PVC, Polycarbonate, Polypropylene, Acrylic & Recycled Plastic.


Cable Ties

(Zip Ties) are available in a range of sizes to suit the size of the post that the signs are being attached to. For example these are easy to use and ideal for any short term application. Therefore black and natural are the standard colours but other colours are available on request.

Channel Fixings

For example there are a range of fixings that can be used with sign channel:

Firstly One-Piece Clips (Twist-in Clips) are a simple clip which go around the post and are clamped by a bolt at one end. Security bolts can be supplied to prevent the signs being removed. These clips are available in a range of sizes to suit the diameter of the posts. The most common sizes are 60mm/76mm/89mm/102mm. Other sizes and types can also be supplied including clips for railings and back-to back clips.

Secondly Channel Clamps are needed if you are using metal banding or screwbanding. They slide into the sign channel and the banding then goes through the clamp and tightens the sign against the post. Metal Banding & Buckles can be supplied in either rolls or cut lengths. This goes through the channel clamp and requires a tensioning tool to tighten it around the post and then crimp the buckle to secure it.


For example is an alternative to the metal banding and is easier to apply as it does not require the buckles or the tensioning tool to secure it. Moreover they can be tightened with either a screwdriver or socket set.

2 Hole Clips:

Similarly can be used instead of sign channel and are attached to the sign with 2 rivets. The metal banding or screwbanding goes through the 2 slots in the bracket to tighten the sign against the post. As a result these brackets are often used on smaller signs where channel is not required to give extra rigidity to the sign.

In conclusion if you would like to ask us a question about construction and fixings please call and speak to Kevin or a member of our team. furthermore the team can be contacted on 0115 973 3323. However you can email us your enquiry at Likewise you can complete the contact form at contact-us.

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illustration showing how post mounted signs are secured