Fly Tipping & Litter Signs

What is fly tipping?

Fly tipping is defined as the illegal deposit of waste onto land that does not have a licence to accept it. Effectively, if people need to dispose of their waste they should use an authorised waste facility.

Secondly for the 2020/21 year, local authorities in England dealt with just over 1 million fly-tipping incidents. The estimated cost of cleaning up this waste was £14 million.

Litter Signs

All organisations have a duty to ensure they do whatever they can. In addition to preventing waste where possible, they should be taking measures to recycle their waste and litter correctly.

Displaying the appropriate no dumping signs to remind staff and visitors to dispose of their litter properly is essential. This assists in having a clean and litter-free work environment for both staff and visitors.

Our anti-litter, and no littering signs are affordable, durable, and brightly designed to grab the most attention. They are a great way to encourage everyone to do their part in the community.

Fly Tipping & Litter Signs

The ongoing issues of Fly Tipping and Litter are a source of concern to all local authorities and environmental services.

The installation of quality no dumping signs to alert offenders to the consequences of Fly Tipping and Litter dropping is the first option to be considered. The enforcement of a penalty is difficult if there is no signage.

Check out our gallery for examples of fly-tipping and litter signs. They have all been produced using weather resistant materials, and so will last a long time. Ideal for situating outside shops, in parks, or  playgrounds and residential areas and next to bins on pathways, for example.

Whether you need low-cost Correx signs to attach to gates and fences and more durable Foamex or Dibond signs to attach to sign posts. Therefore NSP can supply a whole spectrum of suitable signage which can be designed to your specifications.

Moreover all signs are available in a range of materials, sizes and fixing options to meet your requirements and budget.

Similarly we also supply durable, laminated vinyl stickers in all shapes and sizes. – Samples are available on request.

Our signs create awareness. Prohibition signs protect people and property, and thereby contribute significantly to health and safety.

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