Car and Bike Theft Signs

Bike Theft

Car and Bike Theft Signs are vital as there are varying statistics about how many bicycles are stolen each year. According to government figures, on average one is stolen every 90 seconds.

Other sources claim there is a theft almost every minute. Whatever the true figure, it is a not only a financial loss, but also an emotional loss to the owner.

Therefore it is important to keep your cycles safe, whilst making sure they are secure in order to deter thieves.

Car Theft

According to articles in national newspapers, vehicle theft and theft from cars have increased again in 2021. This is after a number of years of decline. Consequently a car is stolen on average every 4 minutes in the UK.

However the right anti theft stickers and signage in the right location can help to deter thieves. This gives assurance to car owners, thereby letting owners know that they are parking in a place that is being monitored.

Crime Reduction Signs & Anti Theft Stickers 

As a result, Normanton Screenprint supply a range of effective crime deterrent signs and stickers aimed at car & bike theft. These signs are particularly suited to car & cycle theft, however we also supply a wide range of anti-theft awareness signs. 

There are many ways to display your message. 

Take a look at our Signs with Eyes as these have been proven to be a very effective deterrent against thieves.

Tri-Ad signs are also a very good way to convey your message from multiple viewing angles, making them clearly visible to any would-be criminal opportunists.

We supply to the Police, Local Authorities and Councils and householders.

Aside from Car and Bike Theft Signs we also supply:

Window stickers  |  Car mirror hangers  |  Car air fresheners

 All of which can be used to convey your crime reduction message.

In short we have a vast array of products that can be printed with your bespoke message and design and we deliver throughout the UK.

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