CCTV Signs

Firstly nobody likes thieves or vandals targeting people’s property. For instance with CCTV signage on show it can act as low cost deterrent. This gives both public and business and private property some form of security. In addition CCTV warning signs should be positioned in appropriate places. For example entrances to car parks at eye level so both drivers. And the public on foot can clearly see the signs and are aware that CCTV is in operation.

Therefore images collected on CCTV are classified as personal data and compliance with GDPR guidelines. Also Data Protection Act is required. In addition businesses and local authorities and councils using CCTV cameras. Will need signs to let the public know they are operating.

On the other hand NSP supply a wide range of signs for CCTV monitoring. Similarly our CCTV warning signs are available in a variety of sizes and materials and styles. We also create custom designed signs to suit your requirements.

Signs can be in a variety of materials for example:

Correx signs are great if you need a short-term solution.

Foamex or Dibond signs are more suited to long term usage. Then can be supplied complete with channel and fixings as required.

Self-adhesive signs are also available for a wide variety of surfaces.

Further more our signs are ideal for use in car parks (public and business or private). Any external area controlled by a business and local authority or council.  In addition to any internal area where the public and/or staff could be monitored require the appropriate signage.

What are the requirements for CCTV warning signage?

Any sign should be visible and easy to see and read.

If CCTV is operating inside a complex, signage should be visible both inside and outside the complex.

Signage must show the organisation or local authority operating the system. And if different, the organisation or local authority managing the system.

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